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July 10th, 2009

The Little Boy on the Plane

2m 30s video – touch image to watch & listen

Yesterday at 12:17PM Central time, my brain starting screaming. This morning at 6:29AM Central time somewhere up high over somewhere else, it became so loud that the little boy behind me on my flight in seat 11C must of reached the limit of listening to that deafeningly silent screaming inside my head as he started letting his actual screaming out from the seat right behind me in 10C. For almost the entire 45 minute flight, flying away from something I did not want to leave, he was actually able to let his real screaming all out until a unique, previously unknown, beautiful woman disguised as a stewardess brought him momentary comfort while right at the end of his rope… I would of just chosen a different word to be screaming.

Thank you little screaming boy. Thank you unique, previously unknown, beautiful woman.