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July 30th, 2009

Folsom Street Fair

These images are old, very old. I remember the year, but have decided it does not matter. I can remember that I walked around for almost three hours without making images and that I really wish I had been. I did not know anyone and was there alone and wished I wasn’t.

I was about to leave in frustration with myself over many different reasons when someone from college I hadn’t seen since saw me and said hello. He was making images too and when I imagined the kind of images he was making, I suppose it bothered me enough to just start making my own.

I shot 19 rolls of film in less then an hour and only stopped as I had run out of film. Konica 640 Tungsten chrome film shot in daylight unfiltered that expired years before I got it mailed to me out of Neil Selkirk’s trash. It sat unprocessed a few years after I used it too.

No one spoke to me and I didn’t speak to anyone. Well, there was one person I remember speaking to me. She had emerald green eyes, soft blond hair pulled straight back, porcelain white skin and a chest that was exploding out of her corset, her emerald green corset that matched her eyes in sparkle and was tight… yes, that tight.

I cannot remember what she said to me, but I know she said it soft and while smiling. She was everything I wanted in this moment… I looked down at my camera away from her happy gaze, turned around and without saying a word to her, walked back off into the crowd.