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July 16th, 2009

93/7201 | 90 20mg Yellow Tablets

I have never had more then three drags on a cigarette.

I have never finished a single hard alcoholic beverage.

I have had less then maybe thirty beers my entire life, never more then two at a time.

I have never tried a single illegal drug.

I never take medicine unless it is prescribed.

The last time I was prescribed medicine I didn’t finish over half the dosage.

I was recently given a new prescription for these little yellow tablets, one a day, for a year, as my one bad habit (see here), is proving to be slowly killing me just like any of the above would, most likely even faster.

I’ve had the above little yellow tablets a week now, I have yet to take a single pill.

Chemicals as chemicals somehow bother me yet chemicals disguised as plain hamburgers, cupcakes or pasta somehow I choose to celebrate.