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August 5th, 2009

Sigh, A Wednesday

Today, when I sat down to try and get to work, I got a little hello from Adobe telling me I am no longer welcome to use my own software I legally paid thousand’s of dollars for… I spent three hours on the phone today with Adobe costumer support in India only to be told in very hard to understand English, “Look on the internet for help resolving your issue.”

Maybe it was just today as at 5:30AM, all my video embeds stopped working across the internet on all my sites, by 6AM the fat raccoon popped with a bunch of dysfunctional links even though no settings had been altered in weeks, then at 3PM Adobe locked me out and at around 7PM, Delta would only give me one way flights instead of round trips and both phone numbers for Delta were busy for over an hour… As of this moment, 16h after all the trouble started, all seems resolved. Sigh, not how I wanted to spend my Wednesday.