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November 30th, 2009

The Girl From Maine


I photographed her in Maine. I did not know her, she was simply a girl available to photograph one day, so I did. A roll of 12 inside, a roll of 12 outside. I didn’t process the film for some time after returning to NYC. I made a few prints, one ended up in my old journal and then on my wall. It’s still there today, almost 10 years now.

Maybe a year later, after it went up on the wall so long ago now, another girl from Maine came over and saw the print on my wall. She looked at me and told me that this girl had committed suicide. This stuck with me and bothered me for years, I looked at the images differently and never took it off my wall, seeing it almost everyday.

I tried to fact check it a couple months ago, it always really bothered me. I checked around and the girl I still know from Maine checked around. We had the wrong information. Rumor has it the girl in my photograph above is actually alive and well and somewhere in NYC.

I haven’t taken the photograph down.