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January 1st, 2010

Three, Merry In Two

The Girl Whose Name Means Tree By The Water | Texas, 2009
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Three, Only Merry In Sets Of Two, In The Last Moments Of The Year

I received two stories of “Merry Fucking Christmas” from two people that don’t know one another. One directly and one indirectly, both I think about the same thing but I will never know the true intent of one of these. Both however were sent from a place of lonely or simply being alone.

I made something tangible and quite special to give away and then did, albeit in ways and in reasons I never intended, but just as special if not more so. Around this same time, I received a gift I never expected, not tangible and very fleeting, but quite real in its false moments.

Before I left New York on my current journey, I was able to go to a special place and allowed to leave with two of what this place makes special without leaving any of my cash or my heart behind for these rewards.