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February 28th, 2010

45 Vick Park A | Addendum

I recently told some stories from a boarding house in which I once lived. As happenstance would have it, today I found the very 8×10 view camera images printed 20×24 that I made that one night so long ago, well, 5 of them. A torn red vinyl chair and burned table top from the burner plate communal kitchen, the view of my basement hallway from directly in front of my door looking left towards the exit, the shadeless lamp’s light bulb in my room and the area directly outside the back exit where I parked my car.

Stories From 45 Vick Park A

8×10 Deardorff, 180mm lens, 10 sheets film expired 10+ years, one Ricoh pocket flash

date unrecorded | 1994 or 1995