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April 6th, 2010

#1RN Archaeology | Periwinkle

Thirty days ago last night I had a dream birds had gotten into my apartment (Small birds have gotten into my apartment before). The first one was a large blue bird of magnificent grandeur. It would sweep through the air from perch to perch with the wingspan of a true bird of prey. The second was a large green bird of equal stature. I was sitting watching and waiting for the attack that never came, the attack upon me or the attack of bird versus bird. A friend I was indifferent of arrived and seemed amused by my fear of these birds. It was then the birds became aggressive and begun to explode with rage as feathers dropped from their bodies and filled my apartment. There was a knock at my door, it was FedEx, I open the door and my friend I was indifferent to pushed the birds out the door together with a broom. I signed for my package and shut my door and was left alone swimming in my apartment filled to the ceiling with feathers.

When I awoke I was briefly filled with lust for a woman that has chosen another.

When I awoke I briefly no longer felt a fear of anything.

Bridesmaid Dress, Plastic Wrap, Dental Floss, Plastic Wrap