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April 15th, 2010

Me, Loving You Some | XA2-A11

I found an Olympus XA2, complete with A11 Flash in my grandmother’s garage the other day. It was left over from a garage sale, it was marked $2, no one had wanted it. Today when I awoke, I went to Walgreens. I bought it batteries, I bought it film and when I returned, I cleaned it, I rebuilt it, I loaded it and I made 26 photographs in 9 minutes. (I still remember how to sneak on extra frames). I took that roll out, I went back to Walgreens.

I have not made images with a film point and shoot in almost 6 years after it used to be almost 2-3 rolls a day for ten years. I didn’t realize how much I was addicted to this ritual until right this second, waiting for the film as I write this story before even seeing my images. If the XA2/A11 worked at all doesn’t even matter. I missed this, I needed this, this is why I do the things I do.

Today, it was all about love.

This is me loving you more then some, this is me loving you too much.

April 15, 2010 | Thursday