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April 26th, 2010

Today, It’s Just Like That First Day

For A, Know This – Today, It’s Just Like That First Day

– – –

I felt a new, unmatched love once because of a record. How and when it was played, everything about that moment of my life, it was a joy that to that moment in all my life, I had not yet ever known. I saw this record be played without being there while I was alone in my home. When I saw this record be played how it was, I actually cried. It was all that beautiful. The love I felt and I had in this moment, I will never let die.

My story, today, it is a secret. Just know, a repeat would be lovely.

– – –

I received an email recently from a man I do not know on the other side of this earth. So I thanked him. I then received a song and a story for this thanks. The one he loves is not well and he reached out to me to thank me as something I did at sometime had meant something. I have been given permission to tell his story here:

When I was a kid about 13 or 14 years I was browsing records in the local record shop. There was only one other person in there, a beautiful girl. We stood next to each other and made glances. It was not until I had found and married A and was looking at her old snaps I realized that she was the girl. I asked if she remembered a little boy gazing at her in the shop (she is 4 years older than me), and she actually did. I was blown away! I still carry that image of her in my mind all the time.

It was an independent record store, not many in our town. As we were browsing I pulled out Van Morrison’s It’s Too Late to Stop Now LP looked at it and put it back, I desperately wanted it but had no money. As we moved along I noticed A pulling it out too. It was that LP which was the trigger for the memory. Her boyfriend was waiting outside and she was thinking why is this little kid looking at me!

– – –

Play it again and turn it up. Never let that record stop spinning.