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May 9th, 2010


chart from one tournament, stand by stand, target by target, I am in yellow

May 7, 2006 – I Was D, Then I Was E, Then I was D, Then I was C, Then I Was B, Then I was A

As Of May 8, 2010 After 3 Small Tournaments In 7 Days, I Am AA | I am 15 Punches From Master

I have owned this camera bag almost 20 years. I use it tournament days to hold not cameras. I have not used it at all since months ago when I used it as a camera bag in La Grange, TX. This was today. 150 Winchester Super Sport™, 12g, 2 3/4in, 1350fps, 1oz, 8shot shells, 1 champagne cork, 1 map of Monument Hill, 1 photograph from the internet without a color I had so often seen and knew may soon change, 1 lens cloth, 1 sweat rag and random weeds, leaves, and other bits of nature’s wonderful debris from courses all around this country. I cannot bring myself to clean it out as it all seems likely to eventually just fall out without my wishing it to, no matter my desire to have all these things not ever vanish, its just how it is, no amount of my anything will make it stop.

It’s been this way since I bought it, time hasn’t changed anything.