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May 9th, 2010

My Left Hand

If I ever reach out and touch you while I photograph you it is because in that moment, in that burst of light, in that measurable fraction of a second, you are the most beautiful stopping of time that I can create with tools I can also touch with these my own hands. It is us as me, it is us as you and it is us together. In this measurable fraction of time, you are my life, you define my love, you define my awe, you are my all that I am in this world. This is allowed, this is welcome or this would not exist. This act is not subtle.

Look at this photograph we made.

I made it with these my own hands for you and I made it with these my own hands for me.

If you’ve ever felt my left hand, you know this.

April 10, 2010

3h, 14m, 7s Shy Of 7 Days After A Photograph Of My Left Hand Unexpectedly Shattered A World That I Wanted