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June 18th, 2010

Oh, I Am Very Jonathan

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This One Day And That One Day I Heard And Saw, Too Much | June, 2010

I was once at a party for billionaires, yes, billionaires. I was near the dessert tables stealing cookies as I wasn’t sure if hired help, or a photographer, could partake. A man approached me and said, “Take it. Take everything you can in life until someone tells you to stop.” I laughed at his comment as it struck me as humorous in the moment and coming from him in this place, he was one of the guests of honor. Later, it made me a little sad, I just couldn’t relate to the idea of taking anything away from another. I always preferred to be given, even if it was only a cookie, (or five cookies). I saw him a little later too, he seemed less joyful. It was an awkward moment, (bathroom), he said to me again as we washed our hands quietly side by side, “If you cannot figure out who the joke is in the room, it is you.”

This didn’t strike me as humorous at all either. Other than of course, we shared this moment in a bathroom in an airplane hanger in which the party was being held. Tonight as I remember this story, I picture the man in his office and the way I see it in my mind, it is full of those inspirational posters with row boats at sunset and kittens in trees. I cannot relate to this either, even if there is truth in him, his billions and those posters.