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October 12th, 2010

The Pink Dot The Moon Made

One Full Moon & The Pink Flare It Made | One Brother & Another | 4 Photographs | July 25, 2010

– – –

I was in love, so I told her so. She told me that my love was like the kind of love one dreams of as a child, that it was like a fairytale. Then she told me, “I only got back together with him to get over you.”

When I was really young, my parents took me to see a performance of Peter Pan. I remember red theater seats all arranged at a vertical angle, so that every one seat could see the stage. I remember being confused that a woman was performing the part of a boy. I remember the uniqueness of this woman’s eyes. I remember seeing this woman and her unique eyes falsely fly around on wires and wishing that I really could. Years after this, I saw an entirely different version of a NeverNeverLand done on a stage. The creator, she called me only minutes before it debuted, but I knew I was not what was on her mind so I didn’t answer that call for the very first time. This Land I will not forget details of either, just as it was known I couldn’t and I’d want to, even when I dream like a child.

I don’t remember any part of these two Lands I experienced, or any other fairytale, making me feel like I do today.

Today I never wanted to be only a memory, accurate or manufactured or occasionally and frequently forgotten.

I never wanted so many of my fragments visible in a way that blinds me.

– – –

What Can You Do, What Will You