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November 4th, 2010


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I had heard a story of a private water boarding for erotic pleasure. I had seen a photograph on the internet I thought was water boarding. I had seen a video on the internet of a famous reporter being water boarded. All fascinated me. All I found flawed for various, different, important to only me reasons.

I wanted to know what it felt like. I had seen and heard of it done this way and that and chose the one I thought I should. The head is wrapped in plastic wrap, tightly. The head is tilted back and a small pin prick sized hole is placed in the mouth area. Then, water is trickled in this hole. If this water is not swallowed, one cannot breathe. This is the point, this is moment of panic. This is what I wanted.

In all my attempts, 7, maybe 8, maybe 9, I only experienced this panic in passing. My hands were unbound working the camera functions, I knew in my brain it was not real and I trusted who was there, completely, to not let me die. My attempts were troubling, but also flawed for various, different, important to only me reasons.

What I did not expect is what watching it did, doing it did, to the woman helping me. She asked me stop. Repeatedly. She refused to continue. Repeatedly. I saw a look on her face unlike any other.

It was one of the most complete feelings of love I have ever felt, even if she never said that love out loud while I knew her. Even when she was shaking and crying, asking me to stop.

– – –

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