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December 14th, 2010

Pray For My Heart

ANYThing wiLL HELp, EVEN PrAyerS

Two Men Listening Or Talking

A Man & A Woman Sharing Listening

– – –

11 Minutes 35 Seconds of 12 December 2010

I once heard really important words spoken directly to my face. I once heard really important different words spoken to me through a piece of glass to my ear. Both times it seems I made the mistake of believing what the words I heard both ways actually meant. When I read this woman’s sign, this woman with a heart shaped necklace, I thought it meant anything will help, even prayers. I could not possibly know any other thing than this.

So to be clear, for myself, this night one day later, as I need it: ANYThing wiLL HELp, EVEN PrAyerS.