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December 28th, 2010

Air Over A Place

Before I Knew

– – –

i wrote: “you are lying on your back, drifting to sleep but not quite there yet. it’s late and dark out but there’s a soft glow from the street lights and moonlight playing with the shadows around the room. you are wearing small, black underwear and nothing else. i am lying next to you, my head resting on your tummy, there’s music playing but not in this room, it’s echoing through from another. one of my hands is tangled in your hair and i have left it that way, making a fist with it and gripping it tightly. my other hand is curled around your hips, i have a handful of that marvelous ass and am gently squeezing it one moment and forcefully rubbing it the next. i start softly kissing your tummy as my head rests in your sweat and mine. a breeze comes across your skin and you feel your tummy go cool as the wind makes the wet go cold. you cannot tell the wet from my sweat, the spit from my relentless kisses or my tears…. i am not sad.”