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April 25th, 2011

Backward MAPS ForeverPromise

“Knowing what she wants is one thing, but being able to really GIVE IT to her (again) is another altogether.”

My MAPS Spelled Backwards, Or, What The Word Itself Looks Like, From Here, Reflected (Again)

I once, twice, used a sentence of MAPS spelled backwards to communicate here with a woman I loved.
Now, I teach her she showed me a street sign & that became a key to a map, that became a Legend.
She knew I loved maps before she taught me North is not always true. She taught me Fable.

I know she knows as I told her so.
Now, she uses MAPS spelled backwards to show her 2nd ForeverPromise she loves them more than me.
She knows I know, she told me so. She knows I know, she showed me so.
This long ago was the last I ever looked. Yet another map of mine used to find her way to not back to me.
She likes to steal, she quoted others to tell us so.
I never liked knowingly looking like another. It’s even everything I never want.

Around the time of this last look, something else did now begin. There is a place I visit, only on glass.
While there, looking at this glass, behind what I see, someone undesired started talking to me.
A new MAPS spelled backward, only now out loud. So each unknown time she arrives,
I listen and I watch what is given to me, for free, also, against this will of mine.
15 Attacks in 28 Days, Save This Count, It Matters But Not To Me
I Say, I Ask, Nothing and They Only Pretend They See
I Sit, I Watch, I Wait, Till They Leave, As I Do Not

Once Upon A Time, if I looked Like you, I was talking To You, Only You, For You, I can Remember
Frederick taught me anew, what You may think now still a you, is no longer.

from the deep Archive of my Maybe MAPS spelled backwards received maybe in for me, he or to also you:

It doesn’t look like you have been invited. I hide so you cannot see my cruelty. It’s not a copy if you cannot see it. It’s just for you John. Denisov galloped up to him and looked ecstatically at the spot where he had been but where he no longer was and at that moment considered they themselves happy. You have no idea how sad, sad, about to stick a needle in my eye sort of sad I am. I don’t want anything that will jeopardize my last wish. I am a dying woman. The nature of your business does not necessarily matter. I have no intentions of causing you any Pains. Rise and Shine, Bottom-Up. Simple Predicates. Can you still stand me is the question. I’m pretty bored lately, and would like to meet you for a date, I Wanna Meet. Can you keep it discrete plz? The ratio between registered males and females has been breached. This Mess We Are In. We are living so close to each other. I wanted to send u my photo long ago, but i was afraid that u dont like to see me. Yes, yes, yes. I just came across this mail myself, including the websites, and am going to be very mad at you if you don’t write to us. We are thankfully glorious fools then. Dangerous Kissing Tips. One day I’ll give you dirty dirty. Tonight the best parts of me want to be taken past where the best parts of you are headed. Are you married? I am not the marrying type.”

The Black & White Sky Of Black Saturday, The Color Sky Of Easter Sunday

– – –

MAPS Spelled Backwards I Did Not Desire

Q: Why are you watching? – A: I don’t know what is or was real and I want to.

“Q: What’s it doing? – A: It’s learning.”

WOPR: “Greetings, Professor Falken.”
Professor: “Hello, Joshua.”
WOPR: “Strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

Computers Teach Me Things

“Learn, goddammit!” | “Dammit, I almost had a seizure with all that flashing.”