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October 26th, 2011

Three Circles Make A Letter

FO The 3 Man Wants To Smash Your Box – This All Day 20


Oh my gosh.


You have no idea how sad, sad, about to stick a needle in my eye sort of sad I am. Long, drawn out personal history shortly aside, I’ve had a lot of family issues in the last month or so and have been all but absent in the email department. Combine that with losing both of my jobs (one June 1st, one as of the coming August) and my house (sold from under my apartment renter’s feet this summer), and I should try and unstick my foot from my mouth a little bit. But, oh no, no no no. Instead, I feel like not only should my foot be tonsil friendly but so should my other foot, probably both of my hands, and at least something that doesn’t usually belong there as well because we missed you being in Texas! I can’t believe it. And after the Yankovich birthday song! Someone needs to push the restaurant table full of china into my lap while yelling something at me with a red face because [rotating woman’s nickname] and I have been really really (did I say we definitely have been) wanting to meet you in actual person sometime. So much so. So much so that as soon as we’re officially let go (we work at the same place, both jobs) we might come and see you instead. Wherever in the world you are. I think a roadtrip is an absolute necessity, and I can promise an excellent soundtrack and the best homemade rumcake in the world. Is that a good start? Boy, I can’t even tell you how rotten missing that mail is. You should have seen how red [rotating woman’s nickname] face got when we saw the date. I’d say you’re now on the side where we owe you. I know you don’t really know us, but let me tell you, that’s not a bad side to be on. I hope this email finds you well. I’ll dislodge all inappropriate appendages from my mouth now, thank you.

[maybe not a real name of a real woman] & [rotating woman’s nickname who I was scared of but wanted to meet and couldn’t]

Oh! When’s your birthday?

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A Minnesota Man & A 3 Month Early California Man Nourished Me – This All Day 20

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– – –

I was in the box this night of this all day 20 when a woman approached me and 3 Month Early California Man. She wanted to record us with her forever machine, I blushed and of course agreed. I like that someone wanted to take my picture and I didn’t care why. I gave her some me so she could choose to know more or not. Then she went away.

Not long later, she came back to me and I think took another. She had just heard a story about me and was now touching my arm. I liked this too only now I didn’t blush. Her touch felt nice.

Not long later, she took more of me in between taking some of others. She did this because she knew I was staring, we were both smiling. Then she gave me some of her so I could choose to know more or not, as well. Before I left this box, I walked up from behind her, put one hand on her hip, reached my other arm out as far as it would go in front of us and pressed the button on my forever machine. I did this as this is what I do when I like you, woman or man, I made three this night, just like that and returned to where I stay.

I chose to know more, found her and wrote her.

Then I went where I go to find company in a place of not face to face when I am lonely. It was there I saw her… Again. You see, I had written her before, from this place not the box of this night, not knowing who she was in any other way. You see, I had not known I had written her here before we met, as well. I do not know if she knew I wrote her before this night, I do not know if she recognized me, either.

At one point this night she told me everything is a circle and I believed her. Even if our circles mean different things.