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May 11th, 2012

Sweet Dreams®


I was in a room given to me as I had no where else to go in a town that was once my home but was no longer.
I had been just near here over 100 or more times & never ever wanted to stay, here.



I was given 7 hours here for free to sleep & I couldn’t. I wanted the rain & the snow I saw through the glass to cover my skin. I tried to open the window yet it only moved the width of my thumb & the width of my finger. So I stuck them both in the crack & felt the wet offered from the sky. I then pulled my hand out, pushed my face in that crack & stuck my tongue out as far as I was able, I wanted to taste that wet, too.

I wanted to hear the wind scream as it whipped around the glass & around the crack, so I left the glass open all night.



The other glass in the room looked the same when I looked at it, only it wasn’t wet. So I turned it on using its buttons.



Upon it, immediately, was an image of a woman on fire.



Then there was a woman in pain or pleasure or both, I couldn’t tell the difference.



Then there was home on fire that faded over or with or into a moon, a full moon. I do not know which came first or any other kind of what or why.

– – –

I turned it off and never, for so long ever, looked again.
I took all the sheets off the bed. I took all the pillows off the bed. I only left myself one, the one that had the message, seemingly just for me.
The one I imagine still had other all over it & I rested my face upon it.



I pretended I was many a Sweet Dreams® & I let the wet drops of rain & snow from my face drip all over it for the next others.


Almost a year later from this night & a half a year ago now, I was staring at a piece of glass in another room I didn’t want to be within. On that glass appeared a woman I had never seen before whose hair almost appeared to be on fire. She screamed over and over:


You can’t choose what stays and what fades away.”