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June 27th, 2007


crazy cell phone companies. i was about to pay a ton of cash to get out of my verizon contract and start over elsewhere rather then even try to deal with the system of repair/replacement/service. i have been freaking out over my cable company, my phone line at home, my cell, my coned, my host company, my landlord, my clients, on and on and on. everyone bullies everyone, it’s the way of the world, i used to have faith that good work or service would make customers loyal, be it your phone company or your photographer, but i am wrong.

so in the midst of fighting with V online and on the phone, who do i get assigned to shoot? the CFO of verizon at their world headquarters for a magazine cover, perfect. make it interesting, but leave all that space for logo/headline/whatever, so i did, the mag was happy, i was happy. the PR and CFO were actually super super nice, the shoot went crazy smooth all things considered. make up and shoot done in less then 15 minutes….. nice.

i bit my tongue all day about my issues, kinda. my phone came up, i alluded to trouble, the PR hooked me up with the corporate help squad. it helped, i got the problems mostly fixed, for awhile, but now there are troubles again. sigh…..

i just hope they like the images, buy buy buy…… i got a new cell service to get into trouble with.