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September 15th, 2007


i have never experienced a feeling quite like giving away something i made that is important to me. it’s arguably one of the best feelings i have ever felt. often making me feel that rush of blood leaving ones body or making me simply cry a little with joy. it makes me feel like myself, whatever that is.

too put all my best into something tangible, be it a photograph, a letter, a journal or even just a story. all those things i suffered through to make it, the looking, the searching, the moments, the joy, the pain, the expense, the whatever that is the residue of my experience in a complete state, here for me to give away as a simple honest expression of my love, hate or respect for that recipient.

i have made journals that took years and countless hours that i gave away and i have made simple little things that only took moments, the moment is the same for me….. here, this is for you.

i often send or leave them behind for the receiver. not so much for the surprise, it’s not their reaction that is even important to me and is not what i wanted. my reasons are more selfish. i gave this to you for me, for how it makes me feel to put my best down, give it to you and walk away.