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September 15th, 2007

zone 2 pre-lim & 20g

you know its going to be a big day when you start seeing gun carts behind trucks on the nj turnpike going 90 mph just past dawn on a saturday.

m & m, nj. zone 2 championship preliminary event & 20g competition.

i shot a 77 for 6th of 24 in C class.

disaster, i never have it when it counts. i started off terribly. not just the course, but the whole day, which is a shame, i decided to do this last minute and was excited. the friday morning before the saturday event rolled around, i forced myself up early after only 3 hours of sleep so i could sleep friday night. it didn’t work. i never fell asleep. i would end up on course with only the 3 hours of sleep i got over 24h ago, 48 or so hours on 3h sleep does make for good competitions.

so i left as soon as hertz opened and hit the road. arrived, shot warm up clays, and hit the course. all the early stations were packed, i skipped ahead and shot poorly on some tough stations. then my gun misfired. then my gun misfired again a few targets later. then, my gun misfired yet again, any more would count as lost targets, i got so scared the gun wouldn’t fire, i didnt even think about the targets. then i just stopped. i knew the problem was big with the gun, but seeing how i couldn’t afford this comp in the first place, the idea of gun repair hurt my brain. i stopped shooting and went to the gunsmith on site, $110 later, i shot another 25 practice, then went back to the course. i picked it up, i was finally awake and ready, but by this point, had dropped so many targets, i was no longer in the running, fuck…..

i rocked the 20g, it was so fun, everything finally felt right and i dropped the cost and gun failures and honestly felt the best i had in a tounament in forever. i started off out of order again by chance. i ran the first 3 stations, i hit the first 25 targets without a miss, dropped one, then hit the next 10. i was trying to not think about my score or the next target, one at a time, but i fell apart, dropping a total 7 targets in my last two stations for a 42 of 50, 6th place of 12, fuck….

i slowly packed up and left even though the last thing i wanted to do was leave, i could of kept competing, but $ and common sense got me and i hit the turnpike. i got about 2 exits north and pulled over and fell asleep with the car running at some nasty rest stop, about 40 min later i woke up sweating. got out and fell asleep on top of a picnic table. an hour later, kids playing woke me up. i got back in the car, parked it in the shade of a tree and slept about an hour only to be awoken by my drool soaking through my shirt.

i drove home and was up about another 12h till sometime after dawn sunday.