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October 15th, 2007


i started the drive to PA after already being up 12h. i left at 630am and got home at 5pm. 294.8 miles. i feel alseep while driving home, seems this is the one time i can fall to sleep well, nothing puts me to sleep like driving. it was just before the GW bridge, i knew i should pull off, but there wasn’t a safe place that was easy, so i tried to push it the 10 miles home. so fucking scary, it’s a miracle i didn’t hurt anyone. it was prolly only a second, but that’s all it takes.

i got home and puttered around for a bit, then finally got into bed at about 630pm, it’d been well over 24h since i was last in bed.

now it’s 4am monday, and i am up again, but i don’t remember the last time i was actually awake.

(also, for the record, why the hell is the parking lot full at 830am at a walmart in east stroudsburg, pa on a sunday?)