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October 22nd, 2007

Pocono Manor Fall Classic – 10/21/07

my 24th club, 21st i have a snap of myself at.

the club was great. longest course i have been too, weaved up and down and all around, must have been like a 2-3 mile trec from start to finish through some of the most beautiful PA i have ever seen, thankfully, the cart seemed to be complimentary. i got there early and it was a relaxed start. there were 6 of us on the squad, mike i already knew, owner of rock mtn, a club i love and where i shoot like 5 times a year, ricky FUNG-A-FAT, yes, that’s his real name, he often kicks everyones ass in master class and john citarella AA class, both PA regulars i knew by their names being at the tops of scores, but had never met. then me and two other guys. it was a good squad. mike and john tied with an 87, ricky had a 90 or 91, can’t find scores posted yet.

we finished the course and realized there had only been 98 targets, not the 100 required. turns out one stand was mislabeled, so we got it all worked out, but had to go all the way back to station 8 and shoot one pair, it of course turned out station 8 was the farthest away, so another 20 min ride out through the woods. station was a fun true pair.

i shot a 79, still way off what i wanted and should of had for the course, but back on track with my skills. i had a long run of 30 targets at one point, 30 targets from station to station without a miss. i either ran a station or dropped half of it. there was even a station i ran that made no sense, i could barely see the traget in the trees, but after each bang of the gun, trapper said ‘dead pair’ so i tried to trust what i couldn’t see and repeat. but then i had 3 stations along the way that were a melt down, 2 out of 8, 2 of 6 and another 2 of 6, that’s 14 lost targets in 3 stations. there was a station or two where i had a hard time even finding the target, one in fact where i never saw it all or even pulled the trigger. orange targets in the most colorful foliage fast and crossing, joy. so now not only am i going deaf, i am going blind.