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October 25th, 2007

10/24/07 – purchase, ny

the client wanted the pair i was to shoot shot with a wall of televisions of ‘financial jibberish’. the office was under construction, there were no televisions in the building and their offices were literally ripped apart, and not in an interesting way that would work for the client. the subjects suggested outside, the client was worried it would look like an office park, (it was), and it was pouring rain. the client also wanted the pair to appear in mid conversation versus an engaging portrait, the subjects were not thrilled on this concept, but i have to say they were super nice, the contacts were very helpful, it was a great day in a way, the only problem was me making my client stoked, which of course is the only thing that mattered. by chance, we got permission to shoot in the lobby, i made an image i am actually really proud of and actually like a great deal, it’s not what the client wanted or needed, but i can only hope it works out.

i have shot over 450 portraits, i would say at least 75% of which are or were in an ‘office’ environment of one type or another, mostly likely a beige one.