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November 4th, 2007

nationals -9- day five – FITASC parcour 3 & 4

had more fun at FITASC today, still didn’t do it well, but i did get a 20 of 25 on parcour 3, which had the harder/more fun targets, so that’s something. 35 of 50 targets broken today. i was the runt of my squad though, that never feels good, the rest of the 6 of us were A class or B class, it shows. it always impresses me how accurate people’s classes seem to be with their ability.

target count = 25 practice + 75 FITASC = 100 = 1135 total.

i ended up eating lunch with bobby brooks, the TN guy from yesterday. we were talking and i had already told him i was a photographer from NYC. i don’t think he remembered my name, so he just kept calling me ‘city.’ he started off our conversation today with, ‘you know city, i know a bunch of you city photographers.’ i smiled, ‘o yeah bobby?’

‘i was in vogue even,’ says bobby. i stopped eating and listened. turns out bobby either owns or runs or is somehow involved with the 800 acres of hunting/ranch land owned or used or run by faith hill and tim mcgraw. bobby said he’s in the background holding the horses rains that faith is sitting on in vogue and is even in/around in others or at least involved in the production…. i asked if the crews that visit were nice to work with or a hassle, he said it’s funny to watch them get all excited about shooting a gun or getting to ride a four wheeler, to which i laughed and explained how i want out of the city just so i can do those two things, he offered me a job, i dunno if he was joking or not… the world is small.