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December 13th, 2007

N L Bday

i have never been drunk, not really, i tried tonight, i thought it would be a funny gift for my friend nate’s birthday as i wasn’t sure how the piniata i filled with candy, condoms, lube, glow sticks and a rubber chicken would go over with someone over 30. 3 beers and 2 shots. the beers i choked down over a few hours, so i really didn’t feel the supposed joy. i did two shots, well, 1.5 as half of one i choked on so it ended up down the front of my shirt. half of someone else’s shot fell on my camera as i tried to get a funny picture, thus i now have a whiskey stain on the sensor. i left kinda early, non drunk, alone, thinking of women with a pocket full of condoms, candy, lube and wondering who got that damn chicken.