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January 28th, 2008

dan heath.

.it’s always more fun photographing the same guy again for a different client. it happens all the time. i also seem to always shoot someone next to or once even in the same room at the same time as another photographer. this has even happen twice with the same photographer and subject years apart, i always know the other guy too, if not in person, by name. one magazine even sent me to detroit twice in the same year to shoot the same guy, that was fun, really. i ended doing 6 setups in the same room with the same suit, 3 at a time, months apart, always put to the test. always.

.that’s dan heath, i had shot him almost exactly a year before for TIME with his brother in yet another conference room in midtown with no time or budget. this one was at dan’s home in NC. i flew there for about 5h and then had a flight home, all the same day, again with no budget, no help, just a couple lights, a rental car and a plane ticket. good times.