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March 7th, 2008

the first week of march, 1998.


.this was the first plan for visitor pictures. 1 roll of 24 with the twin lens out in the back ‘yard.’ there is a small handful of these i need to get around to scanning, finding, making more of and or posting. someday, laura k, KB s, frank o3, mark h, mark r, who all let me take some, will be here.

.but this image of terrence, one of the first few i made, will always hold serious gravity in my brain, maybe it’s because it’s the first place i lived truly by myself that these visitors have become so important, or because this place is so out of the way to everyone i know, that a visit just to get a picture made means so much, maybe it’s because of terrence himself and the person he is, or maybe because it was made just as our friendship started falling apart. time doesn’t heal anything. 10 years can be as fast as a blink.