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April 15th, 2008

carne ross.

Carne Ross for TIME
Independent Diplomat
March 15, 2008

Independent Diplomat takes on only clients who are committed to democracy, nonviolence and human rights–and those nobody else seems willing to help. They include the Polisario Front, the government in exile of Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara, which ID is helping in its struggle for independence. Then there’s Somaliland, which has been independent since 1991 and is taking advice from ID on how to gain international recognition. “You should be engaging with all groups,” says Ross, “not just governments sitting in offices and embassies.” After a career spent deciding the fates of people who weren’t even in the room, Ross gives the voiceless a chance to have their say–before they find more drastic ways to be heard. – TIME Magazine.

Mr. Ross will help you plant your flag, so to speak. The intern informed me of their admiration for Bjorks song, that’s why I have used it here.

(I may not post more of these as I am no longer comfortable using music I don’t have permission for… or they will simply be left silent. Other solutions are in the works, time will tell).