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April 15th, 2008

pennsylvania = true love.

i had another restless night before the tournament, maybe 2.5h of sleep at best. i got lucky, L did most of the driving for me both ways. otherwise, it would of been a rough day of trying to sleep from rest stop to rest stop, hoping i knew when to sleep and when to drive.

Quarry Thaw 2008.

more catastrophe, i need to stop, i started really well. being that this feels most like a home club, my hopes were high for a pleasurable result or at least, one were i knew i did all i was capable of. i started well, 5 of the first 10 stations were a perfect score, 6 of 6. the other first 10 station scores were 3 stations 5 of 6 and 2 stations 4 of 6. i can respect myself with that. i then went on to lose 13 targets in the last 5 stations out of all the 17 stations. 75/100. absurd. i cannot even say i choked, no mental game felt lost, the targets weren’t out of my ability, some were even my favorite presentations, the fucking flying clay just didn’t break. i have no idea, they just didn’t break….

7th of 28 in C class. for the first time in about 6 tournaments, i wasn’t one place/target out of money/trophy/points. i am slipping instead climbing.

2008 clay target count = 1337