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March 22nd, 2008

3000 pin for 2007.

my official reward/trophy for shooting over 3000 tournament targets in 2007, i shot 3200. jealous? you should be. after failing to meet my goals at nationals, the goal changed, earn this pin, results not required, just volume. last year i got a breakdown of how many people shot how many targets, i am still waiting to see if they break it down for 2007. no reason mind you other then curiosity, but i think there should be an award for anyone that shoots over 3000 tournament targets and lives in midtown manhattan.

i don’t really have any video of me in competition, so here’s yet another day of practice from last year. i haven’t had practice this year or lessons, despite going to FL last month thinking i could do well and losing another competition. i’d like to keep taking lessons, i’d like to keep competing but i’d also like to have money in the bank and trophies on the shelf, these things don’t always go together and neither one guarantees the other.

oops, i lied, i do have video of me in competition, it’s below. yes, the videos aren’t exciting, i barely watch them, but nonetheless, here they are.