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May 6th, 2008

Beacon Theater, 1997.

It’s long story, but somehow I ended up backstage with my twin lens, a flash and a giant fanny pack holding expired chrome film to be cross processed. It was an odd vibe back there, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was ignored or welcome, I just couldn’t place it. I would chalk it up to pre-competition preparing, but I don’t think that was even it. The vibe was simply a dark one backstage in dark halls and badly lit changing rooms. I was kinda the only guy back there and I was certainly out of place. One woman wonderfully ignored me and the others did the most surprising thing… with each pop of the flash, they would turn and say so sweetly, “Thank you.” That had never happen to me before. It occurred to me later that maybe it was a sign to stop photographing them, but in the moment and at that time, it just seemed they liked or were that flattered that I was interested enough to take their picture. As if they weren’t fascinating enough to look at already, saying thank you to me for taking your picture will equal me getting a crush on you…

I flirted with Nicole Bass, she was really sweet and fun to talk to.