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May 7th, 2008

Dangerous Times.

(for best results, let video load before playing)

Audio by John first.

Visuals by Jonathan second.

All images April 3, 2008. A 4381 second walk to and from Times Square in the rain.

by Jonathan Saunders & John Hutchison – via:


May 5, 2008.

I never really worry about much on the trains or elsewhere, just passing daydreams of that guy or that bag or that situation potentially being trouble, basic pain in the ass trouble or stupidity over terror or trouble on a larger scale. We all look and we all wonder, maybe someone does something, says something, but for the most part, other then those pass the time fantasies, no one is all that worried about anything or effected, at least, not so much that I can tell.

I do know that while I have never been stopped, the random bag searches at subway stations and entrances for some reason really piss me off. I am not really even sure why, sure, maybe that one thing they stop will matter to someone someday, but really it just seems so pointless and futile.

Today, running my errand, I saw a man get on my train at Times Square of all places pushing a dolly with a medium sized refrigerator on it, covered in random pieces of cardboard and wrapped, (poorly) in what must have a been a whole roll of packing tape. He carried nothing else with him and kinda looked like a mess.

You telling me no one saw this guy? You telling me no one stopped and asked what was in that thing? You telling me nothing could be a better weapon of chaos then a refrigerator wrapped in packing tape being pushed around inside Times Square Station?

Yet other then stare, laugh at the ridiculousness of this situation, and realize that no one else on my train seemed to care or have fantasies of chaos, I did realize that I saw something and I said nothing until telling you right now.