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June 6th, 2008

Pinkberry Hates You.

Photography is Prohibited.

Everyone loves photography, everyone hates photography.

Everyone has a camera, everyone doesn’t want their picture taken.

Camera where they want you to take pictures = tourist.

Camera where you want to take pictures = terrorist.

Love photography, read a blog.

Love photography, start a blog.

Love photography, link other blogs.

Love photography, turn off your blog.

Your camera is a weapon, your camera is a witness, your camera is entertainment, your camera bores me, your camera bores yourself, your camera inspires you, your camera inspires me.

All true.

Photography is exploding like never before. Anyone can make images like never before. There are more images to see then ever before.

Love it, hate it, at the same time.

Pinkberry chooses to hate you and stamps it on the outsides of their stores.

I am okay with this, as 48h prior to seeing this sign tonight, I tried it for the first time, it was maybe one of the most disgusting things I ever put in my mouth, so that implies a lot.

UPDATE – 12/6/2008

So I will assume this is my doing, but Pinkberry no longer has the NO PHOTO icon in their windows.