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June 24th, 2008

Today was S’s Birthday.

Today was S’s birthday. She invited me over last minute to her rooftop for a small party. She too does not enjoy her birthday although I think it is for different reasons then why I have a hard time with mine. She randomly drops in and out of my life a few times a year, I can never make a plan to see her, I just get calls for last minute ideas of needed or wanted company. I went tonight because I had been wanting to take her photograph again for some time, she let me, no real questions or explanations needed when I told her I needed to photograph her on her birthday. You may not know it from these images, but she was full of joy, it was beautiful.

I made small talk with the strangers, the gallery owner and then lied there in the dark, staring at the sky, waiting for a moment to photograph her again. Then, after I took these, I walked back home.

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