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June 17th, 2008

K F.

when i was looking for a model for the shower project, i emailed a girl who had posed for me many times before who has since moved away. she sent out a great email to her friends for me, asking if anyone would be interested in letting me take their picture. in the meantime, i found and hired a model and proceeded with the shoot. the day of this shoot i got an email from K. she would model for me and was up for anything. we had never met or even known about each other until this email. i had no idea what she looked like, we didn’t even talk on the phone, just a few emails and then she was here, last night, to let me photograph her.

it turns out she is a picture editor. it also turns out she is the editor for a great friend i have known 16 years. it also turns out her sister lives 2 blocks away. it also turns out she used to date someone that lived in my building.

she is the 56th person in WithOutYou.