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June 14th, 2008

630 AM Friday the 13th.

Reverend Dr. John W. Saunders Place – Harlem, New York City.

i made these all in less then a minute, in the midst of doing something i shouldn’t have done, a fools errand really. i do many things, knowing they are a mistake, yet i still do them, unable or unwilling to control the impulse. i do feel better having done it however, sometimes. this time, following up on other mistakes i cannot fix, this errand had to be done regardless of how i felt about it. i could of ignored it, in the big picture, it didn’t matter and made no difference, yet i did it anyway.

today a friend got a tattoo because it was friday the 13th, tim russert died in the midst doing of what he loved and i made a foolish errand that changed nothing as the sun came up on a street named after me, sort of.