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September 19th, 2008

2 Shows in a Week.

my image, los angeles.

in the past week, i have been to two photography exhibits. i left both feeling a little kicked in the balls (in the bad way) after i was really excited to see one and kinda interested in the other, both for really different reasons but i went to both with an open mind and much excitement.

the first, at a major museum you have heard of showing a wonderful photographer you have certainly heard of. the show was dark and dramatically lit, which i liked. however if images are to be displayed in a dark or dramatic fashion, one or at least i, would think extra attention would be paid to how the images look in such an environment. this didn’t seem to be the case. cheap, highly reflective and warped plexi was used and i spent the show looking at the awful and warped reflections instead of the image in the frame itself. this wasn’t even the worst part. the plexi was so awful, that even viewing the images from across the room, what should of been a nice rich black in the photograph appeared purple. well done fancy major museum, i paid full price and you gave me half a show that if it weren’t for your piss poor display techniques, otherwise would of been great to see.

the second, which i promised myself i wouldn’t write about or mention to anyone, is now keeping me up as i just cannot believe what i saw and really couldn’t keep a secret if my whole life was on the line, i just cannot do it. (i really hope i am mistaken somehow for the record, but i think i am on target as i spent a lot of time and thought on this at the show).

it was a nice show, i would of been proud to have a show in the space if i was ever so fortunate and the crowd was happy and thick. i didn’t buy the book, but i was impressed at all the hard work and accomplishment of making it all happen, well done, truly. yet as i was waiting for friends, i peeked the book again. it just so happen there was an image right above the reception desk that was also in the book. i first looked at the reproduction in the book as it was done by a publisher you have certainly heard of and i wanted to see the quality since the print and book were only feet apart from each other. the reproduction was decent, but i could see differences. then it hit me, this is a different crop, no wait, the perspectives are a little different. no, it must just be a different crop. the image was relatively abstract so it was hard to see at first, so i kept studying it and looking at shapes around the edges. then it hit me again, the image is upside down. so i spun the large book around 180 degrees, yup, that’s it. either the image on the wall or the image in the book is upside down.

i couldn’t believe it. the perspective leads me to believe that not only is the image upside down in the book, it is a different crop as well. the different crop wouldn’t bother me in the slightest, but upside down, i just cannot find the words for, other then of course, wow, do i hope i am wrong. if i am wrong and if it still seems i could be so certain something is a miss, it’s still not a good thing. my only theory is that since its abstract, the only abstract in the project and not next to the print that often, the publisher/photographer didn’t even notice, liked it better upside down or couldn’t/wouldn’t reprint the book… or i am just wrong, but… um, ?

my image, los angeles.