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March 3rd, 2010

My Left Hand

This is my left hand in one moment and this is my left hand in one moment 59,473 seconds later.

I was invited to a bar to watch a woman I did not know and had only met once before breathe fire on my behalf. I could not turn down this offer. When we arrived, she ran out from behind the bar, gave me a giant hug and said, “What the hell are you doing?” I replied with what the hell I am doing and she just shook her head and began talking to our mutual friend. I reached out to grab her necklace and take it’s picture. As my hand approached, she squeezed and lifted her world together in what to me appeared an offering. I also could not turn down this offer and my left hand found more than a necklace. We waited for the flash of my camera then she let go and I let go. She then went back to behind the bar.

Moments later I heard faint cheering and turned to the bar. Her mouth was ready, her flame was lit and then came the big ball of fire… All for me. No warning, no set up, no time to make any images. I saw the flames, I smiled, I finished my one beer and as we left I told her, “Thank you.”

59,473 seconds later, I accidentally cut the ring finger of my left hand with a box of Polaroids.

One of these sensations I can still feel, the other, I cannot.