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June 22nd, 2010

Thunderbird 116

Cookeville, TN

– – –

I had driven 809 miles in 14 straight hours. The last time I had been in a hotel, I hadn’t been alone, tonight, I had me all to myself. It was an awfully quiet night.

I went to the lobby for my free breakfast, Cheerios®, milk and water. I sat at the table next to the older couple and pretended I already knew them and hoped to listen to their conservation. Turns out they were quietly eating, there was nothing to hear. The older gentleman saw me looking and nodded. I nodded in return and we both went back to our breakfast.

I ate one bowl after another at my table alone. I checked my email – nothing, I looked for voice messages – nothing and then I checked my email again – still nothing. I finished eating and walked to the counter and return my key.

As I walked towards the door the counter agent told me, “The Lord blesses you.”

I turned to her and said, “Thank you.”

When I got out the door I thought to myself over and over as I walked away,

“I really hope that He does.”

If one tells stories too often, they become like fiction. – CB