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June 25th, 2010

I Haunt That Wet

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1.96 Seconds Of My Haunting | May 31, 2010

196 Photographs At 1/100 A Second In 31 Minutes 14 Seconds

Woman Hollering Creek

According to legend, a woman who has recently given birth drowns her newborn in the river because the father of the child either does not want it, or leaves with a different woman. The woman then screams in anguish from drowning her child. After her death, her spirit then haunts the location of the drowning and wails in misery. The legend has many different variations and there has even been occasional sightings of the restless woman’s spirit. The legend also states that if you get too close to the water, the hollering woman will drag you in, hoping you are her child.” – Wikipedia



I was driving east from where I now live. On this drive, on this road, one crosses many streams, creeks and rivers. This being Texas, there is a sign for almost each one, so you know which water running you are crossing as you cross it.


I stopped at the first one, only this first one.


At each one, I dreamed of the wet underneath. I was hot and I imagined that wet would be a comfort. At each one, every muscle in my body and in my brain was telling me to stop, to not go further and to turn my chariot around. Yet my heart, that damn thing was telling me to floor it, faster and faster and find that next wet to cross, as with each one, I was almost where I had been dreaming of. Dreaming of that wet I had lost.


My heart will always win.