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September 14th, 2010

Exploding With Laughter

I found 7 real feathers and 1 fake one on August 31, 2010. There must be something wrong with the birds here in Texas or there is just one bird, still mocking me after it so long ago exploded with laughter, that the feathers from it’s combustion took this long to blow in the wind to my feet, day after day.

– – –

One woman who once gave me a ride had a badge and a gun. One other woman who once met me also had a badge but had two guns, on her. (One purse, one ankle.) One other woman than those two I once had lunch with told me a story of a magical bullet during her training to get her carry permit. Three women, four guns, welcome to Texas.

So I asked the next woman who gave me a ride if she had a gun, on her, she said no. I was almost disappointed until in the same breath, she told me, “I have a knife.”

She took it out and handed it to me without really even letting go of the steering wheel. I burst out laughing as the handle was made to look like a feather. I cannot escape these feathers now and my laughter was not a laughter of humor. I opened it as we bounced along down the road, trying to photograph it in the dark. Before I even realized what I had done or if it hurt anywhere on my body, I accidentally dropped it, blade open, in the moving bouncing car, in that dark.

I then stopped laughing, I was not physically bleeding.

– – –

This is the land of my blood, this is how Texas loves me.