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September 19th, 2010

Deer Stalker

Deer Stalker | 12:03:43 AM – 12:16:00 AM | September 19, 2010

– – –

Once, I had a stalker. Well, picked and plucked pieces stalked, not the actual me, just some of my things from this place you are reading. I give out a lot of gifts here, purposefully. It just never occurred to me they would be re-gifted.

Tonight I gift them back to myself.

I heard a noise outside. So I got in my chariot and drove after it. It only took 12 photographs in 12 minutes, 17 seconds for me to realize there is nothing I can do and it won’t ever ever, yes, ever ever stop (please say I for not the first time). So I quit and drove the 100 yards back home.

This is one of a revolving three female deer I stalked tonight, her name was Doe. Is, probably, rather.

– – –

Doe, her eyes should be rolling. Doe, she should be laughing.

Doe, her eyes were transfixed in disbelief for these repeated patterns of specifics.