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September 18th, 2010

Most True Desire Of The Fantastical

For years I had a daydream, a night dream, a fantasy, an insert spiritually-desirous word of grand proportion here idea. All these words over and over, as well as those that follow, become too common to adequately describe what we cannot otherwise whenever faced with an applicable idea of the magical. These words feel small even when I can’t stop using them, what other words are there.

In all those years, I never really thought this dream of any kind in me would happen nor put in too much effort to make it so, it was too big to even try. Then one day that idea, that dream found me and it felt true. That insert spiritually-desirous word of grand proportion here idea actually sought me out. This idea, this thing, this insert word, became more than I could of ever thought simply because of this place in which you are now reading. For a handful of a few brief moments, I actually touched this insert whichever word, with these, my very own hands that make the things you see here.

Right there, in this common enough spot above and below, this is where there was the first physical touch.

I made the above photograph a few days ago after being invited here by those that did not know the story, remember it or have any interest. Today, I was again here without those inviting me realizing that it was here, a year ago, only this time, it was actually on this day.

Shut your eyes, clear your thoughts, imagine your deepest, darkest, simplest, most true desire of the fantastical.

Then touch it, standing on any common enough spot you can.

A Couple Hours Shy Of One Year, To The Very Second, This Very Spot

July 7, 2010

– – –

A few feet from this place of first touch, a few feet from this place of first face to face, on this same day of one year later, I found two women with their true desires on full display. One was on her way to acquiring wings of false feathers. She wanted to believe that her desire to fly was a true possibility. The other wore a reminder of what she believes her life is around her throat. She told me she wears this most everyday.

Me, I made these images and told this story.

– – –

This is how my journey goes and this is how I try to fly.

– p.s.
The First Settlement