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October 13th, 2010

My Desire To Know

My Blue Green Eye

The Pink Dot I Learned To Make Out Of The Sun

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My desire to know was still true this morning. So I looked again exactly where I had been told. I stared at the map, now that clearly wasn’t right. So I looked where I had once been a farmer not so far away. Then I just looked at a better map. There it was, plain as looking at a photograph like one or several I’d once seen before.

My map’s North just hadn’t been a true one.

The Sun Without Any Color Through Glass

4 Photographs The Seconds After I Learned | August 6, 2010 | 8:44:50 AM – 8:58:26 AM

– – –

This place I made these photographs is not my home, but is a place in which I stay. This is the second time maps made me instantly walk away from them so I could instantly make my own. This day it was three from the bedroom I won’t use where I could see the sun from inside. The last standing next to the steps in the hallway that leads there where I could not. The first time, I walked outside and let that sun hurt my eyes from a single place, spot and point.