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December 31st, 2010

The Perimeter Of A Man

The Texas Perimeter Hike

“The Story Of Texas, Its People & The First 3000-Mile Trek Along The Perimeter Of The State”

This man, they call him S.Matt, he likes to trek. I did the photographs the magazine requested of me, of us, S.Matt alone on white. I then asked him to go for a walk with me after I took too much of his time, albeit a shorter walk than usual. He agreed, as his nature is calm and S.Matt has an energy that makes you so as well. We started in his yard and went in a straight line towards the Gulf as I shared stories and he listened. We were there before I could hear more of his and then it was dark. I talk too much.

S.Matt Tells Good Stories

This land of ours, it is his and it is mine in ways and whys unique to us both and this shape is like no other. We talked about it, we touched it’s line by the water this day and wondered how such a simple thing like shape can be so much and inspire so much in so many. I cannot think of one tattoo I have seen in the shape of any other state, yet here in Texas, (and elsewhere) I have lost count. Mark it on your skin, go walk around it, get lost in myth here & try to tell me it won’t change something about who you were before you touched this line that defines it or us.

I don’t think S.Matt finds himself as lost as much as I do here.

for Texas Monthly
– thank you Leslie
– thank you S.Matt