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August 1st, 2011

Like Wings On My Back

I was walking from the restaurant to my chariot, I had just made a photograph of myself and was about to hit that blue button to send it. I was standing by my chariot, about to unlock and enter the drivers door. I felt something on the back of my shirt, it felt like someone was almost trying to lift it up. Before I turned around, I thought to myself, I am alone, I parked here in this spot away from everyone, there was no one close, this I knew. It got more forceful, this flutter of my shirt started to become more violent. I leaned into my chariot just before I turned around to see what it was, my instincts had taken over, get away, get away, get away.

I started to run softly as I finally turned to see what it was and it didn’t register till I was in a full sprint across the parking lot. It was two wings, two talons and one beak. It was a small dark grey or black bird, I couldn’t really tell, it was behind me. I was still feeling it as I kept trying to get away, only it got more and more forceful. It was starting to hurt and now, I knew just what was happening. I kept running. I stumbled but it did not stop and the force grew stronger, I was now crawling on hands and feet trying to get out of my own way. It did not stop.

I got back to my two feet and sprinted this way and a little that way. It was always right there, on my back, scratching at me, attacking me. It would not stop. I started to run to the door of the restaurant and as I got close, it stopped. I stood still, I looked around, I could not see where my attacker had gone. I looked at my chariot, back across the small lot. It didn’t look that far, I thought to myself, I can make it. I took a few steps forward, all seemed well. I stepped off the curb, all seemed well. A car pulled up and blocked my path, this car was between me and the safety of my chariot. The drivers window went down a few inches and while laughing, the man inside next to his woman said, “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I think so, just scratches.”

I was about to say more when suddenly this man’s woman screamed while this man, he said to me sternly, “Look out!”

The attack resumed. I started to run around this man’s car back towards my chariot as I heard his tires squeal and then they were gone. It felt harder this time and higher, higher up my back and on the back of my neck, I felt feathers, I felt beak, I felt talons. I felt hate. I fell down almost back at my chariot, the attacker circled up and made a bigger circle in the sky. I then made it into the passenger side of my chariot.


I Never See It Coming

This is not just a story that is true and this is not a confession. This is something that happen, I wrote down.

This is my forever and you will have to try harder to remove my skin.

I know whose hand to ask for help making this electronic ink, deeper.