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October 27th, 2011



I left where I stay now to walk to the ocean, I have not seen it here yet this time. I found you almost right way. All of you had been eaten away except for those wings now so useless for flight without your heart once big enough to take you anywhere, up. So I took these wings and put them on the back of a Hawk who I never want to stop trying to fly.

I got to the ocean but between me and it was an unexpected man made valley, a man made crater, launching men in the air choked with fog. They were given 30 minutes to try and fly higher than the next. The Hawk here did something like no other before him but today he was not trying to do it again. One man here was however and before that water falling from the sky got us all too wet, try after try for the elusive two and half circles, he did just that, 900. I then turned around to walk back to where I stay at the start of that eruption of noise he made.

I still haven’t seen the ocean here.


This All Day 22

HAWK 900